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Exclude raw or lightly salted fish, as well as insufficiently processed seafood from the diet. The temperature that guarantees the death of anisakid larvae is from +80º C and above, so the processing time should take at least 20 minutes. Follow the rules for handling the catch. In order for the larvae of the parasite not to infiltrate the muscles of the fish, the caught fish must be gutted immediately. It is necessary to freeze the catch for at least 5 days at a temperature of -20º C. For safe salting, approximately 12 days are required, and the brine itself must contain at least 14% salt.

A serious complication of the intestinal form of anisakiasis is the perforation of the intestinal wall, causing the development of peritonitis. To avoid infection with anisakiasis, you must follow a few simple rules.

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The rules for cutting fish (separate kitchen equipment) must also be observed, and the catch that goes on sale must undergo a helminthological examination. Treatment of Amoxicillin anisakiasis.


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Although, low rates in other regions and countries may simply indicate poor diagnosis, because the symptoms of this disease are similar to other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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